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Tabi3y farm Also Known as Abdel Rahman Aly Pasha farm began in the year 1930 in Al-Mansuria, Abu Rawash during the reign of the Egyptian kingdom. 
The farm was known for its experience in cultivation in addition to its diverse product range, Tabi3y now is based on a farming process that is free of pesticides and chemicals, It suces itself through a closed cycle to create its own clean environment.


Back in the Day, Abdelrahman Ali Pacha Farms used to manage all agricultural activities for the royal farms, At the time all agronomy was natural and non- chemical.
That is why We started the Tabi3y farm project, We felt obliged to use our heritage and offer the Egyptian people fruits and vegetables that are chemical free and with the highest hygienic standards.
Tabi3y is offering all what is trustworthy and reliable

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